Decision Science not Data Science

The author prophesies that the importance and definition of a data scientist will change in the next few years- as big data technology is adopted in a more mainstream manner. One of the comments was that data scientist is a misnomer because data science is not really a science. Analysis of data does not make it a science. I cannot agree more. It isn’t data science- it is decision science. Here’s my reply to the comment

“Science has always been about setting a hypothesis and proving it right or wrong. We’re just getting started with BigData. The proper and most beneficial use of big data will be when everyone becomes a decision scientist. The data, the analytics, dashboarding and interfaces will simply be tools that will help a business/ enterprise/ organizational decision maker verify the viability of their hypothesis. That’s the real promise of bigdata. If it isn’t, it should be about being the toolkit for Decision Science.”


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