Let’s talk about the CDO- again!

    I got roped into another “the time has come” debate about the Chief Data Officer. I maintain that IMHO the CDataO is pure hype. Here’s how the roles of the existing C-suite play out:

    CEO: What we need to do
    CMO: How can we use it or apply it to better our product/image/business
    CIO/CTO: What tech strategy do we need to adopt to get there and subsequently maintain/scale
    COO: How can we implement these changes while maintaining normal business operations?

    There’s really no room or need for a data officer- because it is close to impossible for one individual to determine all the combinations in which data can be useful to the people in the company. Will creating a new CDO position magically fix data governance, reliability and accessibility issues let alone make it more meaningful all of a sudden? No way! It’s all about understanding that these issues exist and need to be addressed & fixed.

    The reality though is that I get angry and sad to see hype like this gaining momentum- it almost makes the real promise of big data seem illegitimate. I was pleasantly encouraged when Jim Stikeleather from (CIO- Dell/Perot) concurred with this remark:

    “Sharda is spot on. There should be a lead data scientist under the CInfoO, and a lead enterprise architect, and a lead security analyst, etc. The issue IMHO is that CInfraOs are neither strategic or knowledgeable enough to lead those other roles. The CMO should have the analysts (mathematical and marketing) who are supported by the data scientist. Business units / COO / etc should have their own domain experts supported by the lead enterprise architect (including enabling the orchestration and choreography among enterprise and SaaS applications). A good CInfoO understanda they are an enabler and facilitator, not an owner (or a prohibitor – which is what CInfraO tend to be).”


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