Value: The 5th V of Big Data

    I’m a gen-Xer and unabashedly addicted to texting. I was on a marathon session with a friend when he said something that struck a chord with the Big Data technologist inside me. He said “Doesn’t all knowledge lead to questions and vice versa?”

      Indeed. Isn’t the primary purpose of putting Big Data technologies in place to satisfy this quest for knowledge and insights? And isn’t the best technology solution one that will not only let you get you the answer to the first question that you started with- but allow you to satisfactorily explore the potential possibilities that can be validated by all the disparate data that you have gathered as an enterprise? So if you’re looking to adopt a big data technology-based solution- why would you not make accessibility a primary RoI criterion? And why not tack on the requirement that the solution must add VALUE beyond the obvious?

        Value is the fifth V of the Big Data world and when it comes to value- it’s all about what the technology can do for the organization. This is exactly what we set out to do with the QuickLogix Genie solution. It’s the solution that encourages you to ask the next question in your data-exploration journey. This results in better business insights and better business decisions. All using Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology- so you don’t have to be a SQL or scripting guru to gain access to the knowledge buried in the data. Visit to learn more.

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